22 January 2012

Media from Sharepoint to the Cloud

On my last post I talked about a media processing component developed for Sharepoint 2010. Besides the processing features (video encoding, thumbnail generation, validations, etc…) there was an asset storage manager that enabled us to store the files on a configurable place, inside or outside Sharepoint. I said we initially started with three storage flavors: a Sharepoint library, an FTP server or a shared folder/virtual directory.

My co-worker Dwight Goins has extended the options by adding a cloud based storage manager. In this case he uses the Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), which resulted in a great performing storage solution. In his post, he digs deeper in the issues of storing BLOBs (Binary Large Objects) in Sharepoint and the solution that Sharepoint provides, SQL’s Remote BLOB Storage (RBS). Then he talks about our solution and the details of the AmazonS3 client. Check this out!

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