06 December 2007

Hosting a Window Form Control in a SharePoint WebPart

Some months ago I posted about Hosting a Windows Form Control in a web page. I explained there how we can run a WinForm control from Internet Explorer by hosting it in a web page using the <object> tag. Now suppose you want to use the same solution in a custom web part that is included in a Sharepoint site. I will describe here where the control library should be placed and how it can be referenced from the web part.

When we develop a custom web part, we place its resources under the _wpresources web site, into a folder named <WebPartAssemblyName>/<WebPartAssemblyVersion>__<PublicKeyToken>. You can create there a subfolder (named "bin" por example) to place the win control assembly. This folder must have execute permissions set to Script Only (not Script and Executables as is the default under a SharePoint site). The picture bellow shows the resulting structure when placing the win form control assembly in a web part called MyCustomWebPart that is part of the MyCustomWebParts assembly: ...

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