28 September 2007

CCF 2008 New Features

The 3.0 version of the Customer Care Framework (CCF) is out! Among its new features we'll find:

  • CCF web services migrated to Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).
  • Agent Desktop use of Composite Application Block (CAB).
  • Hosted Application Toolkit (HAT): new sub-system for providing UI automation, that makes use of Workflow Foundation (WF) and Active Accessibility.
  • ClickOnce support.
  • Dynamic Applications: 3rd category of hosted applications that allow an agent to dynamically launch or close a hosted application on-demand, via the UI or programmatically in code. ...

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Hosting a Windows Form Control in a web page

Although it is not the most common use of it, it is possible to host a Windows Form Control in a Web Page and run it from within Internet Explorer. This allows to build powerful client side functionality with all the advantages of using the .Net framework and executing the control in the client side. Of course there are some restrictions that cannot be left aside. At least the .Net framework must be installed on the client for the control to run. In addition, it is possible that some permission must...

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WPF Accessibility

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) provides a very interesting API for Accessibility called Microsoft UI Automation. It allows programmatic access to most user interface elements on the desktop, addressing the needs of assistive technology products and also for User Interface (UI) tests automation.

The framework provides solutions for both accessibility providers and clients, and it is conformed of four main components (see UI Automation Overview):

  1. The Provider API (UIAutomationProvider.dll and UIAutomationTypes.dll) defines a ...

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Also blogging @ weblogs.asp.net

Earlier this month I opened an account to start blogging at weblogs.asp.net. I moved the latest contents from here to there, and I will be cross-posting future entries to have both blogs synchronized. Check it out: http://weblogs.asp.net/spano/.