22 January 2007

Blogging tools

I've recently discover two handy tools for blogging. The first one is the Windows Live Writer. It is a little more friendly than the Blogger's editor, besides the advantage of allowing you to write offline. I have no problems in writing here to Blogger, despite of not being able to upload images.

The other tool I started using last week is the Google Reader. It is really cool, like all other google stuff. It has the drawback of you having to request the page, but you can access it from any computer.

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Adrian Alonso said...

To be able to read the posts off line the feedreader (http://www.feedreader.com/) is the best for me. Feedreader is a free lightweight aggregator that supports RSS and ATOM formats.

I didn't try the writer yet but is good to know that it let you to write your posts off line and then publish them with one click (useful for travellers! ;))